fertilizer-15101The key to bringing out the full potential of your lawn is applying premium blends of natural mineral fertilizers at the correct times of the year in conjunction with the proper cultural practices that we will teach you.

Contrary to what the conventional lawn care companies will have you believe, your lawn doesn’t need 6-8 treatments of fertilizer per year in order to be healthy.  As a matter of fact, your lawn’s health actually declines as a result of over fertilizing or fertilizing at improper times during the year especially in the early spring after thaw and during hot & dry periods in the late summer months.

Limited Edition’s treatments are applied at optimum times of the year in accordance with the University of Illinois guidelines, our certification training and nearly 20 years of personal experience.

If your lawn is properly maintained, Limited Editions 4 treatment per year program will produce better results than the conventional 6-8 treatment program!