Proudly serving Lake and McHenry counties in Northeast Illinois, Limited Edition Lawn Care is a family owned and operated company located in Island Lake. Limited Edition Lawn Care was founded with the mission to offer a more unique and personal lawn care service to our community.

We’re dedicated to offering a family friendly service that’s informative, non-invasive, attentive and affordable.  At Limited Edition, there’s no telemarketing, price haggling, or trying to sell you unnecessary services.

Our environmentally friendly seasonal lawn care programs are designed to produce superior results by using top quality products and carefully applying premium blends of natural mineral fertilizers at the right times of year at the proper rates. For further information on our programs and services, please go to our Services page.

Lifelong local resident of northeast Illinois, I began my turfgrass career in 1998. For 15 years I served a substantial lawn care company in Barrington, Illinois as a Lawn Technician, Customer Sales & Service Advisor and ultimately became the company’s General Manager. During my tenure I obtained multiple certifications in Turfgrass Management from various schools & organizations throughout the country. This education and experience has helped me to be successful in repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining 1000’s of our local lawns both residential and commercial.

Throughout the years I’ve witnessed many local lawn care companies sell out to corporations or become large corporations themselves. As they grew the most critical aspect of a quality lawn care service was lost, personal touch. After all it takes a team effort between us each season to achieve and maintain a thick, healthy, and weed free lawn for you to enjoy.

I founded Limited Edition Lawn Care in order to get back to offering a lawn care service that’s responsible, reliable, informative, and available when you need assistance. When you select Limited Edition to care for your lawn you’re not hiring an ordinary treatment company.

Allow me to personally teach you what it takes to be successful in achieving and maintaining a thick and healthy lawn, year after ever changing year.

Grant Schmidt
Certified Turfgrass Professional
Limited Edition Lawn Care Inc.

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